Dream come through for a Spitfire engineer

Our cherished historian for Secret Spitfires film, Norman Parker, had a wish for so many years. Norman was an aircraft engineer who originally worked on Wellingtons and later he was transferred over to work on Spitfires. He was in a mobile team who repaired crashed...
Thank You All!

Thank You All!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all who made it to the cinemas nationwide to see our film on Sunday July 1st We thank you all for your support and feel very honoured to receive so many beautiful emails and messages praising the film and asking for further screenings. We have a...

Nationwide Cinema Locations for RAF100

The great actor Ray Winstone has kindly given his support to spread the word of this incredible story of our history and what the previous generation had to do in silence during the war. Support like his and yours made our little film to go nationwide on the RAF100 day.