After running into its 3rd week in Salisbury with sell-out shows, Secret Spitfires is coming to Odeon Trowbridge. This has come about by a public campaign led by Wendy & Sally from Trowbridge who have been supporters of the project since the beginning. They both had parents who worked in the secret factories in Trowbridge and wanted to make sure everyone there got to hear about this long kept secret. The two girls got together a group of friends and other supporters to start a petition to ask Odeon to bring the film to their town. Odeon, who have been very supportive of this film, has confirmed that it will be starting this week on 24th November. This is such a perfect example of what people power can achieve and what is possible when we help each other, which is the story of Secret Spitfires.



The Director’s Cut DVD is out

The DVD contains the feature length documentary as seen in cinemas along with over 15 minutes of extra footage, a Special Booklet of all the secret Spitfire locations and subtitle facility is included.
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