A large part of the funding we need is for copyright clearance of the archive material used to illustrate how the Spitfires were secretly constructed and of life in the midst of WWII. Much of this material has never been seen before, without this the film won’t get broadcast or made into a DVD.

Secret Spitfires Crowdfunding Page & Trailer – click here

We also need funds for the final mastering, DVD authoring and duplication. This is a fairly costly process that is essential if the film is to be made available on DVD to the many people who have expressed interest.

And finally, we want to develop the website and keep it going as an historical archive for education and as a source for research. We have a ‘free screening’ programme for schools and education centres. Since making the film, people have come forward with more stories, some of whom we have interviewed and filmed. We want to make all this material available via the website as an enduring memorial. Your generous pledge will help to bring all this to fruition.

Among our rewards is the Special Edition DVD with over 30 minutes of extra footage which has not been seen anywhere else and includes how a Spitfire is constructed, a modern day factory building Spitfires, the forgotten test pilot, and how an ATA girl was reunited with a Spitfire that she originally delivered back in 1944, and more. We also have a beautiful pewter lapel pin of a Spitfire which you could wear to celebrate this icon on any occasion, it always creates a talking point.

Secret Spitfires Crowdfunding Page & Trailer – click here