Our film was recently picked up by the Odeon Cinemas as a feature documentary. It is rare for a documentary to make the big screen and you can imagine our excitement when we were asked, possibly one of the greatest compliments for this incredible story. It came about through one of our supporters Ian Thomas who brought it to the attention of Odeon who felt this moving story deserved to be in the cinema and perfect to be premiered in Salisbury as a tribute for Remembrance Day. It is now coming up to three years since we started this journey and along the way we got some incredible support from so many people without whom this film would not be where it is today! It is a perfect example of what people can do when they all get together and support each other which is in fact the story of this little documentary. Thank you to everyone who has given a hand over the years, this is the result of your help. Hope you can make it to the cinema to see it on the big screen.



The Director’s Cut DVD is out

The DVD contains the feature length documentary as seen in cinemas along with over 15 minutes of extra footage, a Special Booklet of all the secret Spitfire locations and subtitle facility is included.
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