It was a great day visiting St Edmund’s School and Wyvern Collage to show the students our Secret Spitfires film as part of our support for education. This is something we feel very strongly about to tell the story of what that generation had to do during the war to sacrifice so much for all the freedoms we enjoy today and take for granted. Thank you to both schools for inviting us over and making it possible for the students to see the film.

We had our Norman Parker with us for a Q&A session afterwards which was full of such intelligent and inquisitive questions from the students who could see what the young generation just like themselves had to do at that time.These showings are very much in our criteria to support education and to inform the young generation of today about their past



The Director’s Cut DVD is out

The DVD contains the feature length documentary as seen in cinemas along with over 15 minutes of extra footage, a Special Booklet of all the secret Spitfire locations and subtitle facility is included.
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