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Secret Spitfires will be in cinemas nationwide on July 1st to celebrate RAF100. This will be a special showing of the new Director’s Cut with much new information gathered since the showing before Christmas. Showcase Cinemas have started a limited roll out to their cinemas nationwide. The more pre-bookings they receive the more they will expand the roll out. Please visit the Showcase Cinemas’ website to pre-book this very special showing. Click the button to go there.
Watch the trailer and pre-book at Showcase Cinemas
Meanwhile, we are hoping to get more locations throughout the country by encouraging other cinema chains and independents to celebrate this event. If there is not a Showcase Cinemas venue near you listed on their website, a quick email to your local cinema may help secure the film for your region. The last cinema outing of the film was driven by public demand and ended up playing for over five weeks in various cinemas, but unfortunately many other areas did not get the opportunity to see it. This time with additional support from the public and cinemas, this amazing story of our grandparents and what they achieved fighting for our freedoms will be shown to a much wider audience.

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If you cannot see a Showcase Cinema listed near you, please enter the name of town you want to view Secret Spitfires or the first part of your post code below and send us. We will then pass that information to Showcase Cinemas as public demand.

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Cinema groups or independents interested in taking part on this very special day of celebration, please use the form on the page linked below to get in touch with us.