We asked your help and you did!

In the previous version of this post we asked you to enter the locations that are not served by Showcase Cinemas. Hundreds of you did and the result is fantastic. Odeon has joined Showcase Cinemas along with independents.

The Director’s Cut will now show in 33 cinemas in 32 locations and counting…

Please click on the pins to find the links to pre-book your tickets at a participating cinema near you. (Links are repeated below the map in an alphabetical order.) Blue pins are Showcase Cinemas, red pins are Odeon Cinemas and green pins are independents. If there is no cinema listed near your town or city please go to this page and enter your location. New locations are being added when there is enough interest.

List of the cinema locations in alphabetical order. Linked to the respective pre-book pages.

  1. Andover – Odeon
  2. Aylesbury – Odeon
  3. Bluewater – Showcase
  4. Bristol – Showcase
  5. Cardiff Nantgarw – Showcase
  6. Chatham – Odeon
  7. Colchester – Odeon
  8. Coventry – Showcase
  9. Derby – Showcase
  10. Epsom – Odeon
  11. Guildford – Odeon
  12. Hereford – Odeon
  13. Huddersfield – Odeon
  14. Kettering – Odeon
  15. Leeds – Showcase
  16. Leicester – ShowcasePhoenix
  1. Lincoln – Odeon
  2. Mansfield – Odeon
  3. Gateshead Metrocentre – Odeon
  4. Milton Keynes Stadium – Odeon
  5. Newark-on-Trent – Odeon
  6. Norwich – Odeon
  7. Nottingham – Showcase
  8. Paisley – Showcase
  9. Peterborough – Showcase
  10. Port Solent, Portsmouth – Odeon
  11. Reading – Showcase
  12. Salisbury – Odeon
  13. Southampton – Showcase
  14. Southend-on-Sea – Odeon
  15. Teesside – Showcase
  16. Trowbridge – Odeon
  17. Royal Tunbridge Wells – Odeon

Meanwhile, we are hoping to get more locations throughout the country by encouraging the cinema chains to expand further and more independents join us to celebrate this event. If there is not a cinema near you listed above, a quick email to your local cinema may help secure the film for your region. The last cinema outing of the film was driven by public demand and ended up playing for over five weeks in various cinemas, but unfortunately many other areas did not get the opportunity to see it. This time with additional support from the public and cinemas, this amazing story of our grandparents and what they achieved fighting for our freedoms will be shown to a much wider audience.

Have your voice heard

If you cannot see a cinema listed near you, please enter the name of town or the first part of your post code below and send. We will then pass that information to the cinema chains as public demand.

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* We only need the first part of your Post Code to keep you anonymous without revealing your address.

Cinema groups or independents interested in taking part on this very special day of celebration, please use the form on this page to get in touch with us.



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