Salisbury was attacked by Luftwaffe on numerous occasions in various ways. One such attack involved two Focke Wulf Fw 190’s where the leading one went straight to the centre of the town, terrifying the locals by flying down one of the main streets machine gunning all in its path, whilst the other took a wider route to the railway lines.

We all have an image of the Germans as the great military force known for their precision and planning but they never managed to do much damage to the town. The one that attacked the railway dropped his bomb which bounced and completely miss the lines but landed in an allotment where our witness’s granddad was working. Granddad was shaken and bruised and he was the only one there, he survived it with minimal damage. The luckiest thing was, if they had dropped one of their bombs just a few hundred yards before, they would have wiped out one of the main secret factories without even knowing it!

As our witness says “that German pilot came a long was just to drop a bomb on me granddad”



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