Barnardo’s boy and 40 slices of bread.

Our witness and historical advisor Norman Parker was a Barnardo’s boy who was evacuated during the war. He is very proud of his past and how Barnardo’s helped him become an aircraft engineer. During this process he also learned how to cut 40 slices of...

Machine Gun shooting at Castle Street Salisbury

During WW2 two German Focke Wulf 190 aeroplanes attacked Salisbury city centre. Approaching the city, they split into two directions where one of them flew over the top of the market square and went into Castle Street, flying between the buildings. Half way along the...
News of Secret Factory Barn via Panama!

News of Secret Factory Barn via Panama!

A long time resident of Salisbury David Dell sent news from Panama where he now lives, that a barn hidden amongst farm cottages on the Netherhampton Road was once a Secret Spitfire factory. The barn tucked away off the main road behind farm cottages used to be part of...

The Director’s Cut DVD is out

The DVD contains the feature length documentary as seen in cinemas along with over 15 minutes of extra footage, a Special Booklet of all the secret Spitfire locations and subtitle facility is included.
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