A bit of humour from Ray Winstone who wanted to demonstrate some of the very amusing moments from the film of what the young girls and boys got up to during the war.

With the arrival of the GIs in their thousands, who were getting ready for D Day, everyday lives of the locals changed drastically, especially those working in secret factories. As many of the survivors have told us, it was not all sad and depressing but everyone rose to the challenge and knew how to have fun too. Besides the many dances, romances, chocolates, Glen Miller concerts, Joe Louis boxing matches, there was genuine help and camaraderie to boost each other’s morale and fight the enemy.

Don’t miss this chance to see how that generation lived through and gave their all in so many ways for our freedoms today. Film will be on for ONE DAY only in cinemas nationwide to celebrate that generation and RAF100. See the nearest cinema to you to book at:

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