The great actor Ray Winstone has kindly given his support to spread the word of this incredible story of our history and what the previous generation had to do in silence during the war. Support like his and yours made our little film to go nationwide on the RAF100 day.

RAF100 Day – Sunday, July 1st2018 – One Day Only

In order to celebrate the Centenary of Royal Air Force (RAF100), the directors have created a special Director’s Cut with never before seen archive footage, stories told by new eye witnesses who came forward since the initial screening of the original film and more factory locations. This feature length film includes new details of secret factories at Trowbridge, Reading, Southampton, Salisbury, Hursley Park and the shadow factory at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham. Director’s Cut for RAF100 celebration will be shown for one day only on Sunday 1st July 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity and book now to see this incredible story being told for the first time.

Cinema locations to watch the Secret Spitfires, Director’s Cut

Please click on the pins to find the links to pre-book your tickets at a participating cinema near you. (Links are repeated below the map in an alphabetical order.) Blue pins are Showcase Cinemas, red pins are Odeon Cinemas and green pins are independents. If there is no cinema listed near your town or city please go to this page and enter your location. New locations are being added when there is enough interest.

List of the cinema locations in alphabetical order. Linked to the respective pre-book pages.

  1. Andover – Odeon
  2. Aylesbury  – Odeon
  3. Bluewater – Showcase
  4. Bristol – Showcase
  5. Cardiff Nantgarw – Showcase
  6. Chatham  – Odeon
  7. Colchester  – Odeon
  8. Coventry – Showcase
  9. Derby – Showcase
  10. Epsom  – Odeon
  11. Guildford  – Odeon
  12. Hereford  – Odeon
  13. Huddersfield – Odeon
  14. Kettering  – Odeon
  15. Leeds – Showcase
  16. Leicester – ShowcasePhoenix
  1. Lincoln – Odeon
  2. Mansfield  – Odeon
  3. Gateshead Metrocentre  – Odeon
  4. Milton Keynes Stadium – Odeon
  5. Newark-on-Trent – Odeon
  6. Norwich – Odeon
  7. Nottingham – Showcase
  8. Paisley – Showcase
  9. Peterborough – Showcase
  10. Port Solent, Portsmouth – Odeon
  11. Reading – Showcase
  12. Salisbury – Odeon
  13. Southampton – Showcase
  14. Southend-on-Sea – Odeon
  15. Teesside – Showcase
  16. Trowbridge  – Odeon
  17. Royal Tunbridge Wells  – Odeon



The Director’s Cut DVD is out

The DVD contains the feature length documentary as seen in cinemas along with over 15 minutes of extra footage, a Special Booklet of all the secret Spitfire locations and subtitle facility is included.
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